This migraine app from Singapore looks promising.

I came across this article about a new migraine app developed in Singapore. Called Migraine Buddy, it is currently available in the Google Play store.

Based on the information shown in the article and the Google Play store, I have to say this is the first time that I am really impressed by a migraine app.

I smiled looking at the screens, because they reflect the approach that I am taking with MigraineMind. The screens are pleasant and easy to read. The controls are big and easy to tap. The app is clearly designed specifically for migraineurs and understands that nobody feels like entering details when the migraine strikes, so they provide a "Bother me later" button.

It's like the folks at Healint have been reading my mind.

Although it shares many of its features with Migraine Buddy, MigraineMind also has features that are unique. I think that some of MigraineMind's features will nicely complement those of Migraine Buddy.

There is plenty of room for innovation in the health software market and I believe that competition is an important catalyst. And with the arrival of new health platforms, such as Apple's HealthKit, the opportunity for (securely) sharing health data will enable increased collaboration between health apps.

I am happy to see other developers that understand the needs of migraineurs and creating apps that truly help them. I really like what Healint is doing with Migraine Buddy. I wish them success and hope that they can help the world's millions of migraineurs.

I would love to hear from migraineurs using Migraine Buddy to learn and share how that app is helping them. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this post or on MigraineMind's social media platforms.