Introducing MigraineMind 1.0

It is with great joy that I announce our first release of our MigraineMind Migraine Diary iOS app. Designed by migraineurs for migraineurs our diary’s interface is streamlined to get you in and out quickly (you can start tracking a migraine symptom with just 3 taps).

Migraine Diary Features

  • A simple, clean user interface interface
  • Tracks individual migraine symptoms
  • Innovative graphical representation of migraine symptoms
  • Tracks typical and custom migraine symptoms

MigraineMind also distinguishes itself by what it does not do:

  • It does not use nauseating animations
  • It does not ask questions you don’t know how to answer
  • It does not require registering with an online service

Living with migraines is hard enough. Keeping track of the symptoms should not be.

MigraineMind is available for download at an introductory price on the App Store. Get your copy today!