How to Read MigraineMind Symptom Icons

Each symptom entry in your migraine diary has a custom icon representing the symptom's key properties (start time, end time, intensity and impact).  While it is not necessary to understand how to interpret each icon (you can alway look at the detail view), the icons are useful when looking at list of symptoms entries.  Using a combination of shapes and colours the diary quickly gives you a better sense of how your migraine symptoms affected your day.

Symptom start and end times

The start and end times for a symptom are represented in the outer circle of the symptom icon. Think of of the circle as a 24 hour clock.  The first 12 hours of the day are on the right side of the circle and the last 12 hours are on the left side.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 10.PNG

Midnight to 6am fills the top right quarter.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 11.PNG

6am to noon fills the bottom right quarter.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 12.PNG

Noon to 6pm fills the bottom left quarter.


The intensity is how strongly you feel a symptom.  It is represented by the intensity of the colour.  A light red represents a low intensity while a vibrant red represents a high intensity.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 1.PNG

An intensity of 1 is a very light shade of red.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 2.PNG

An intensity of 5 is a pale shade of red.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 3.PNG

An intensity of 10 is a fully saturated shade of red.


The impact is the extent to which the symptom affected your ability to function. It is represented by the size of the inner circle.  The bigger the circle, the bigger the impact.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 3.PNG

A small inner circle for low impact.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 6.PNG

A medium inner circle for medium impact.

Symptom-Icon-Screenshot - 9.PNG

A big inner circle for high impact.

Putting it all together

Now let's look at a group of symptoms in the migraine diary.

iPhone X-4DiaryScreen.png

At a glance we can see that all but one symptom took place in the morning.  But fatigue is still going on.

There were varying degrees of intensity to each symptom.

We can also see that the most intense symptom (light sensitivity) did not have the highest impact.